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Honey Uncapping Scraper

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Use our Honey Uncapping Scraper to uncap your honeycomb professionally 3 times more frames than the old scrapers!

  • Do it Like a Pro: it’s hard to uncap your honeycomb professionally without using expensive heavy tools. this magic scrapper helps you to do it easily and efficiently
  • Help you to uncap faster: super quick and does 3 times more frames than the old scrappers
  • Easy to use: effortlessly uncap sunken areas of honeycomb that cannot be decapped with a regular uncapping knife
  • Stop the mess: No mess and no waste! Also, the bees will not have to consume valuable honey to make replacement wax, as none is removed with this process
  • Traditional tools are hard: heavy tools can be tiring and painful to use. this lightweight scraper does the job effortlessly
  • Time-saving: easy to use and easy to clean

Use for: Collect honey
Material: high-quality plastic
Function: beekeeping tools
Commodity: New Uncapping Fork
Feature: Stainless Steel Pins
Size: 24.5*7.5cm