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Water Misting Cooling System


8m Kit Specification:

Material: brass nozzle, copper faucet connector
Size: 8m, 9 spray

Packing list: 
1 X 8m Tube,
9 X Brass nozzle,
1 X Brass adapter (3/4),
2 X Replacement nozzle ,
8 X Strap ,
8 X Clip clip ,
1 X Leak proof ring

1. Upgrade high quality: precision brass spray nozzle, precision production, made of high quality UV treatment hose, UV resistance up to 3.5 or higher, yellowing resistance, hydrolysis resistance, microbial degradation resistance
2. Easy to install: We have fixed straps and buckles that can be easily attached to trampolines and parasols. The fully assembled system is installed in less than 10 minutes, providing very fine mist in hot summer weather. To significantly cool the air.
3. Cooling: The outdoor cooling system provides a cool environment for your favorite outdoor area, reducing the ambient air temperature to 20 degrees.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The atomizing cooling system is directly cooled by tap water spray, does not consume electricity, does not consume energy, saves you money and becomes an environmentalist.
5. Wide application: atomization cooling system is widely used in gardens, trampoline water parks, landscaping, greenhouses, humidification, outdoor cooling systems, epidemic prevention, spray disinfection, deodorizing air purification, swimming pool atomization cooling, atomizing mosquito systems, etc.

15M Kit Specification:

material: Plastic
Size: 15m tube
Parameters: 15 meters , 20 spray plastic head atomization cooling set 
Packing list: 
Faucet connector X 1,
Tip quick connector X 1,
4/7 capillary 15 meters (tube size about 4mm outer diameter 7mm)
three-way nozzle X 19,
single barb nozzle X 1,
cable tie X 20,
1 X Instruction

1.1PC's complete atomization cooling system includes a universal faucet connector/adjustable nozzle/user manual to provide a cool environment for your favorite outdoor area
2. Mist particles = 70 microns, flow rate: 6.7-7 liters / hour, spray diameter: 0.8 meters, hose length: 15 meters water pressure, atomization cooling system directly using tap water spray and cooling
3. The universal faucet connector is suitable for any of our non-threaded faucets, the atomizing nozzle controls the flow, and sometimes the water pressure affects the cooling system which will lower your patio temperature to 20°. Cooling and humidifying features bring you a cool summer and a healthier life
4. Any place you want, such as swimming pool balcony cooling plant watering, vegetable garden, lawn fog, fog cooling system, dust removal, garden humidification.

Type: Sprayers
Sprayer Type: Pump
Material: Metal
Metal Type: Brass
Nozzle: Brass body with copper faucet connector
Nozzle connector: Slip lock connector
Power supply: tap water
Application: cooling Humidification

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